Do I need to know Algorithmic/Algo Trading to work with Multi-NeoTrader?

Not at all! Even a complete novice in the markets, with an access to a computer can use Multi-NeoTrader effectively. The design and the output have made any knowledge of algorithms, etc. unnecessary as it delivers completely processed information to the use

Do I need high quality/high-end Computer/Laptop to run Multi-NeoTrader?

Not at all. The entire algo operations are running on our servers and the data is just being pushed into the end users terminals for display. There is no processing done at the user end and neither is any data stored there. Thus Multi-NeoTrader can be accessed from anywhere, anytime using any desktop or laptop

Do I get charts in Multi-NeoTrader?

Yes, ChartAdvise offers embedded charts from third party providers. We also have EOD charts from Trading View, one of the best charting platforms in the world. However, for live data based charts full with Futures, Options, etc, we request you to subscribe to a Data Provider/Live Data feed subscription service.

Do I need to know Technical analysis to work with NeoTrader?

Not necessary. we delivers the outputs of the crunching of technical variables using different sets of Algos designed by us in a ready-to-use format. So, even a lay person with limited knowledge of the markets can also use Multi- NeoTrader. That said, it is to be added here that Multi-NeoTrader’s value can be considerably enhanced if the user knows or is familiar with technical analysis. There are features that can be tweaked to individual preferences so as to design a trading system of one’s own. For that that are interested, ChartAdvise, the creator of Multi-NeoTrader, provides extensive training in technical analysis. Contact us for details on this

Are the strategies shown on the charts in Multi-NeoTrader?

No. Trading View is an independent service provider who’s EOD charting facilities are integrated into Multi-NeoTrader. It does not currently permit us to feature our strategies on their charts.

Can I use Multi-NeoTrader on different devices at the same time?

One subscription allows you to log in from anywhere and any device only once. Logging in elsewhere will log out the current user. For multiple logins you will have to purchase additional subscriptions

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Precise entry points, stops & trailing stops with multiple exit points.

Readymade trades- intraday, short-term, long-term, as well as Investment calls

Complete Algo based solution which goes through series of filtration

Detailed Insights and analysis on any stock across multiple timeframes.

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