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  • This Course Is For Beginners Who Want To Learn The Basics Of The Stock Market.
  • Market Analysis
  • Strategy Planning
  • Introduction to stock market and all the major indices like Nifty 50, BSE
  • Learning of structure of Candlestick Chart
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Indian Stock Market

Be the ace maker in the club or don’t enter the club to play big on the table its always better to learn and sharpen your weapon before you cut a tree.


  • How to profit from stock market
  • Basics of Financial Assets
  • Stock market, Indices and exchanges
  • Compounding Magic
  • What is exchange traded funds
  • ETF Entry and Exit Strategies
  • What is technical analysis
  • Principles of technical analysis
  • How to identify trend of stocks
  • Support and resistance
  • Moving Averages and its cross over
  • Unique technical analysis strategies
  • Multi time frame chart analysis
  • What is fundamental analysis
  • What is income statement, balance sheet , cash flow statement
  • Financial ratios analysis
  • How to identify undervalue and overvalue of a stock
  • Position sizing and money management technics
  • Psychology of successful investors
  • Gears and brakes

Forex ,Currency and International Market

Why confine your wealth to only a small geography and why not pump your papers around the globe be a wildcard in the pocket

  • What is Forex Market
  • How trading is done in forex market
  • What is currency pair in forex market
  • Correlation between Forex, Commodity and stock market
  • Fundamental analysis in Forex Market
  • Analysis of economic calendar and interest rates
  • Technical chart analysis in forex
  • Importance of price action and technical tools
  • What is Confluence in technical analysis
  • Multi time frame chart analysis
  • Fibonacci retracement and projection
  • Master of moving averages
  • Unique Forex trading strategies
  • Important time zones in forex trading
  • Importance of position sizing and money management
  • Psychology of a successful trader

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I'm mostly travelling due to work, how do I attend the course?

No worries. The course is available both online and offline. If you cannot physically attend the course, you can always select online mode. The course is easily accessible on your laptop or desktop. All you have to do is pay the fee online and attend the live webinar organised by our professional teachers

What does the Diploma in Technical Analysis Course cover?

Confirmation In Technical Analysis Course or Basic Course is intended to assist you with learning the rudiments of securities exchange. It will give you an understanding of securities exchange trading, trading methods, and so on. The fundamental focal point of this course will be on positional trading. Notwithstanding, we will address ideas of intraday trading too

How frequently are the groups held?

We lead two groups each month. It is a two-day course and the groups are hung on the ends of the week for example Saturday and Sunday.
Indeed, you can take the course. The course is planned so that an individual from any instructive foundation can pick it. We start with the essentials of money. Additionally, on the off chance that you have any questions, you can converse with the personnel after the class. For additional help, you can likewise reach us on our assist number 95445 50172 or drop us an email on and we will hit you up with the goal of your question

Is the Token Amount Refundable?

No, Token Amount is Non Refundable, But after the full instalment you are qualified for refundable office

I'm an amateur in the financial exchange, so which course is reasonable for me?

For novices, a Diploma In Technical Analysis Course is reasonable. You get inside and out information on the securities exchange from this course. When you gain some experience, you can settle on the New Trend Decider Plus Course or Advanced Technical Analysis Course

What are the benifits of me choosing yours course?

After Competing This Course, You Can

  • Start Trading Confidently
  • Earn Profit and High Returns
  • Achieve Excellence in Money Market
  • Make Trading as a Career
  • Lead the Market with Easy Techniques

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